Frame Shapes ๐Ÿ‘“ Guide

Find the right glasses shape for your face & style

Prescription glasses come in all types of materials, colors & styles. We categorized the different styles into commonly named shapes. Using the right shape is not only important for your style factor ๐Ÿ˜Ž but also not every shape fits every face form.

โš ๏ธ  Learn more about the different shapes & options to find the right one for you!

Rectangle Glasses

#DBSN62348A from Firmoo

Rectangular Glasses are a timeless look that can be worn by nearly anyone. Even more those looking for that geeky / professional look ๐Ÿค“.

Popular with: Oval, Round or Heart-shaped faces

Oval Glasses

#S910 from Firmoo

As with Rectangle Glasses, Oval Glasses are a timeless classic that can be worn by nearly everyone. Oval Glasses often have that fashionable quality to it.

Popular with: Square, Rectangular, Oval or Triangle-shaped faces

Square Glasses

#P181108R from Firmoo

Looking for that geeky retro look? Then a Square Frame is maybe exactly what you want. Square glasses are also used to offset rounded facial features.

Popular with: Oval or Round-shaped faces

Round Glasses

#YSL362 from Firmoo

Worn by icons like Steve Jobs or John Lennon the right pair of Round glasses never fails to impress. As well a timeless classic special on its very own features.

Popular with: Square, Oval or Rectangular-shaped faces

From $ 6.95

From $ 6.95

Wayfarer Glasses

#DBSN62242 from Firmoo

Fallen out of fashion in the past centuries the wayfarer models are back in trend again thanks to geek culture. They fit pretty much every face.

Popular with: All-shaped faces

Cat-Eye Glasses

#DBSN62355A from Firmoo

Trying to make a statement? Cat-Eyes are the all time classic for fashionistas and those who want to stand out. Empress your spirit with the right pair of cat eye glasses.

Popular with: All-shaped faces

Browline Glasses

#S1382 from Firmoo

A style born in the 50s and 60s with a huge comeback in the recent years. Browline follow the natural brow line to give a more masculine & classy look.

Popular with: Masculine & Long-shaped faces

Aviator Glasses

#S984X from Firmoo

Also known as Pilot Glasses the Aviator is a good choice for people looking to make a statement or also just for a fancy pair of prescription sunglasses.

Popular with: Square, Round or Rectangular-shaped faces

Oversized Glasses

#GD1369M from Firmoo

Oversized or extra large frames give that quirky or cute look some people are looking for. Get them for special occasions or wear them everyday!

Popular with: Anyone who dares