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Gaffos offers a huge selection on Designer Prescription & Sunglasses. They offer free shipping (for US customers) and free returns for up to 45 days which is a lot compared to most other glasses shops. Gaffos has their own Customer Happiness Team to make sure every customer is happy with their purchase and gets the help they need to find the right glasses.

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Example Orders from  Gaffos

Marc Jacobs

$ 68.98

Candies Alba

$ 103.98

Burberry Aviator

$ 329.98

Vintage Cazal

$ 444.98

Frame $ 28.99
Model: Marc Jacobs
$ 38.99
$ 189.99
Model: 3090Q
$ 359.99
Model: Cazal 623
Lenses $ 39.99
CR39 Lenses (1.5 index)
$ 64.99
Polycarbonate Impact Resistant (1.59 index)
$ 39.99
Polycarbonate Impact Resistant (1.59 index)
$ 45.00
High Index (1.67 index)
Coating $ 0.00
No Coating
$ 10.00
Standard Coating
Anti-Reflective, Anti-Scratch & UV Protection
$ 50.00
Standard Coating
Anti-Reflective, Anti-Scratch & UV Protection
$ 85.00
Crizal Coating
Dust respellence & much more (Luxury Coating)
Extras No Extras No Extras $ 50.00
Sunglasses Tint
No Extras

Gaffos Facts

  30-45 Days Return Policy
  Free US Shipping
  Everything is on Stock

Shipping Time

1 - 2 Weeks

Average time it takes to receive your order.

More info about Gaffos

We found complete prescription glasses from $ 68.98 from Gaffos. They offer a wide range of different frames and lenses which leads to a big variation in possible prices. Lenses start from $ 39.99 for 1.5 Index CR39 Lenses . Gaffos is based in USA. Shipping Worldwide.

Please note that shipping outside of the US is rather expensive with Gaffos (~$50).


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