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39 Dollar Glasses is not a classic prescription glasses discounter that starts at the very lowest price point but their basic product they offer for $ 39 already is a pretty good setup for your next pair of glasses, that really should suit most people. They also have a great selection of affordable frames, lenses and plenty of other options to upgrade your next glasses.

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Example Orders from  39dollarglasses

Classy Tulsa

$ 39.00

Modern Classic

$ 63.95

Browline Sunglasses

$ 103.90

Bifocal Student

$ 168.95

Frame $ 39.00
Model: TULSA
$ 39.00
Model: Leonardo
$ 44.00
Model: Versailles
$ 44.00
Model: College
Lenses $ 0.00
Thin RX Lenses (1.59 index)
$ 0.00
Thin RX Lenses (1.59 index)
$ 59.90
Saiko Super Thin (1.67 index)
$ 0.00
Thin RX Lenses (1.59 index)
Coating $ 0.00
Basic Coating
Scratch resistant & UV Protection
$ 24.95
Premium Coating
Anti Reflective, Hydrophobic, Scratch Resistant & UV Blocking
$ 0.00
Saiko Coating
Scratch Resistant & UV Blocking
$ 44.95
Blue Light Blocking & Premium Coatings
Extras No Extras No Extras $ 0.00
Brown Lens Tint
$ 80.00
Bi Focal

39dollarglasses Facts

  30 - 90 Days Return Policy
  Wide selection of $39 glasses
  Takes Social Responsibility

Shipping Time

1 - 2 Weeks

Average time it takes to receive your order.

More info about 39dollarglasses

We found complete prescription glasses from $ 39.0 from 39dollarglasses. They offer a wide range of different frames and lenses which leads to a big variation in possible prices. 39dollarglasses offers FREE Thin RX Lenses with a 1.59 Index. Other Lenses start from $ 59.9 for 1.67 Index Saiko Super Thin Lenses. 39dollarglasses is based in New York, USA. Shipping Worldwide.

The prescription glasses are all made in America which surely helps to keep up the high quality their customers expect. Otherwise they would not offer such a generous money back programm either.


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New glassesβ€”take 2. ✨ Much thinner lenses with significantly less glare. Really pleased with this pair from @39dollarglasses! They look and feel great. . . . ___________________ #personalblog #selfie #myface #glasses #39dollargla...

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Glasses by @39dollarglasses . Located in New York, #39DollarGlasses are owned and operated by two eye doctors. They use the same manufacturers as retail/optical shops and if for some reason you do not love them, they do free retu...

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These green jello glasses get me so many darn compliments but more so, so many "where did you get your glasses?" I just love them! #39dollarglasses #greenjello #greenglasses #lovetheseglasses #tinygirlartsncrafts

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My #eyes have gotten worse over the years so I finally went to the #doctor to get an updated prescription πŸ‘“ That was the easy part, then I went hunting for a place to get new #glasses. Most wanted to charge over $200 for frames a...