Find The Right Prescription Glasses Online

The Ultimate Guideline to to find & buy the right prescription glasses online.

Finding the right prescription glasses online can be a complicated journey, but it doesnt have to be hard. Once you make sure you have all the right information ready and a idea which style of glasses you want and how much you are willing to spend for it you just have to find the right pair.

In order to get you there even faster we compiled the following guide(s) from gathering information, to finding the right glasses to saving the most when you place an order. We got you covered from A-Z.

1. Prescription Information

You cant just order prescription glasses without knowing your prescription. In fact you should make sure to get regular updates on your prescription information because these values can (but dont have to) change a lot.

If you order your glasses online you'll still likely want to update your prescription.
In most places you essentially have the following two options:

  •   Visit a Optic.
    Most places that sell prescription glasses also do testing.
    Usually for something between $9 and $25 you can get your most current values.
  •   Visit the Oculist.
    Another option is to go to a specialist directly.
    Depending on your health care this can be cheaper or more expensive, however you can expect good service.

Prescription Information you need

  • Sphere, Cylinder & Axis
  • Pupillary Distance (PD)

Attention: Pupillary distance is not always messured if you dont ask to.
Make sure to ask if they havent written it down on your prescription.

2. Finding the right pair of glasses

If you have your data ready the next step is way more fun. Its time to find a frame shape, a fitting style and finally a pair of glasses that you love and that also perfectly fits your face.

Dont worry that sounds a lot harder than it actually is. In fact most shops let you try glasses with your own pictures and its very easy to find something that fits to you. Once you get an idea about the general shapes that fit you finding the perfect pair is just a question of time.

The Right Frame Shape?

The right frame shape is mostly a question of preference but also the face form matters. Some Shapes like Cat-Eyes or Oversized glasses can be worn by literally anyone that dares to wear a eyecatching style like that.

Other (classic) shapes like Rectangle, Square, Browline, Oval or Round don't always fit every face. You should always use a online tool to try wear them if you unsure about a shape you never worn before.

๐Ÿ‘“ Frame Shapes Guide

Find the right glasses shape for your face and your style

3. Choosing a Glasses Reseller & Save Money

This comes down to preference but factors like location or how fast you actually want them are relevant to consider as well. You can compare several Shops here and see if one fits you more than the other.

In order to get the most out of your bucks make sure to check for coupons (or just use Honey). Many discount prescription glasses resellers offer BOGO Sales. Which means you can get a second pair of glasses for free (or at least highly reduced). Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter BEFORE you buy because nearly all of them will send you a few coupons within the first few days. If you regularly buy glasses or plan to do so, make sure to subscribe to their newsletters anyway.

4. Other Resources