10 Unique Wooden 🌲 Frames for Spring 2019

10 Unique Wooden 🌲 Frames for Spring 2019

Ever looked for a more unique material for your glasses? Ever thought about real Wood? Wooden Frames have a very unique look and feel to it. Not only are wooden prescription glasses a real ecological solution but they also are a real eyecatcher.

Yes wooden classes can need a bit more attention. Yes they also don’t like to get to wet (for to long). However other than that a pair of wooden prescription glass frames are a serious competition for their plastic and acetate brothers. We at Save On Glasses consider real Wooden Glasses to be the trend of Spring 2019. We could be wrong, but who cares about Trends anyway?

The nicest Wooden Frames 2019

Our first 2 frames are from Yesglasses. They are into sustainable materials which shows in these beautiful wooden prescription glasses frames. The company is also offering free 1.61 High Index Lenses to each purchase as well as many others options.

The next wooden frames from Firmoo are trying to combine the best of both worlds. A hard and sturdy acetate front and wooden arms to complete the look. This does not only look very classy but also helps to drastically decrease the weight of the glasses which makes wearing them even more comfortable.

Light Wooden Arms & Acetate

From only $ 27.95

Light Wooden Arms & Acetate by Firmoo favicon  Firmoo

Who have thought but most discount Glasses Shops don’t really offer a lot of wooden frames. In fact most don’t even have a single one. However many brands have foreseen the wooden frame trend and released awesome designer frames out of fancy wood or at least wooden elements. Most (if not all) are taken from SmartBuyGlasses for reference. Feel free to check out their product catalog for even more unique frame designs.

This one is from Superdry, a british street-wear company known from their (miss)use of japanese characters. Only the arms are wood but this saves weight and looks damn fancy.

Super Dry Hunter 104

From only $ 152.00

Super Dry Hunter 104 by SmartBuyGlasses favicon  SmartBuyGlasses

The next one is from Woodys Barcelona a brand from (obviously) Barcelona in Spain. This unique Cat-Eye Frame is will definitely make heads turn and the wooden accents really bring the point over.

Woodys Barcelona MIRIAM

From only $ 157.00

Woodys Barcelona MIRIAM by SmartBuyGlasses favicon  SmartBuyGlasses

This modern Browline Frame from Ray-Ban is a guaranteed eye catcher. With Ray-Bans you rarely go wrong, they are known to have a amazing build quality but that also comes at it’s price as you can see at the following classy example.

Ray-Ban RX5154M Clubmaster Wood

From only $ 220.00

Ray-Ban RX5154M Clubmaster Wood by SmartBuyGlasses favicon  SmartBuyGlasses

But there aren’t only luxury & discount brands that produce Wooden Glasses, in fact SmartBuyGlasses has their very own line of awesome quality wooden frames at a fair price points, called Oh My Woodness. The following 4 unique wood designs are just a small selection of the wooden frames they have to offer.

Caring for Wooden Glasses

After you’ve seen these cool examples you could order right now lets talk about caring for your new wooden frames. If everything works well they don’t need particularly more care than other materials. However to increase their lifetime it is advised to oil it from time to time. There are special oils for woods like this on the market. Oils made for Horn Glasses generally work as well.

Another thing to consider is that they don’t like Wetness.

Rain should do nothing to your wooden frames, however things like baths or a sauna would damage the frame.

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