Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Worth it?

Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Worth it?

Ever heard about how Blue Light Blocking Glasses can reduce eye strain, help against headages and migrains and will enable you to sleep better at night? Lets take a closer look if they are worth the investment.

If you bought prescription glasses in the last years you definitely have been confronted with blue light blocking glasses in one way or another. But also people without prescriptions fell in love with blue light blocking for its unique features. Especially screen workers seem to be able to benefit a lot from these type of lenses.

“Blue Light” in Theory

The idea is that the blue light spectrum is something that signals our brain that it is a good time to stay awake, due to blue light being essentially absent at night (in nature that is) this should help to regulate our sleeping schedule. The issue is that these days we are surrounded by artificial blue lights. Not only our computer screens, but also phones and any kind of artificial lights can contain blue light.

Our eyes never evolved to block blue lights as we do with UV (where only about 1% reaches our “inner eye”). Some scientists think that because Blue Lights are so close to the UV spectrum and because we expose ourself so much these days that we could damage sensitive cells in the retina. More research has to be done to conclude the point of to much blue light, however we already do have a good idea that there is a to much and that some people are suffering from it.

Obviously blue light is not all bad, there is also research showing that some blue light is good for you and your eyes and in fact also essential for some processes in your body.

Blue light and sleep

Our bodies produce melatonin to make us tired based on several signals it receives. One important signal to get ready for sleeping is the lack of blue light. This is a visible issue these days with kids and any kind of computer workers. By disturbing this natural process our brain stays more alert and our sleep quality lessens.

On this note: Things like F.lux (a software you can install on your computer) can use Software to change your screens values to specific times of the day. Personally i am a huge fan of F.lux however the changed colors can be annoying as well.

Do you need blue light filters?

This depends. If you have trouble to fall asleep at night or get regular headaches or even migraines which could be based on your eye strain. Maybe your eyes just hurt and get dry after to much time in front of a computer?

If you found yourself in any of this blue light blocking lenses could be a interesting option.

Before anything, check out the 20-20-20 rule!

The idea is that if you take a short 20 second break, every 20 minutes to look at something 20 feet away (6 meter) you can highly reduce your eye strain in the long. Give it a try, its a good exercise for your eyes and definitely helps me to reduce eye strain.

Finding the right blue light blocking glasses

If you have a prescription you may already have a optic your trust. Check our list of Glasses Resellers for different options. All of them sell blue light blocking glasses at different quality and price levels. Zenni has custom options from only $23.90. If you dont have a prescription you can still order your glasses in a shop like that. Usually they are cheaper than the usually ugly “gamer glasses” you’ll find on amazon & co (which essentially are just orange tinted sunglasses more often than not)

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